Yesterday I was virtually undressed….

That’s right peeps! I was one of the first people in OZ to be virtually undressed! Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast is Australia’s first shopping destination to introduce the Virtual Change Room – welcome to the future!


The Virtual Change Room features two virtual mirrors, where shopping enthusiasts can choose between 200 of the Centre’s latest looks, size up the ‘virtual’ garments on their body, receive information on stockists and prices, and print their shopping wish list – all with the wave of a hand.

This concept is perfect for those shoppers who, like me, are time poor, have young children in tow or who are just not that interested in wandering aimlessly through aisles – instead, allowing you to try on fashion without even stripping off!

I pranced in my favourite purple ‘Divot’ pumps as I launched the event, comparing and critiquing outfit after outfit and I gotta say I’m sold: happy to virtually undress any day of the week!


Amber Renae x


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