Winter Whites

In a season that’s filled with black and grey, why not stand out from the crowd?

Yes, yes, we know you’re all about black. Usually we are too. But there’s something about a soft white cashmere knit, the gentle feel of a cream coat, or the crisp look of a white beanie perched atop your head that has us in a daze this season.

Don’t freak out just yet, babe. We’re not so silly as to encourage white heels in winter. We all know that’s basically a death sentence for them. So we’ll allow a little black at the end of those pins.

Start by pairing a white midi skirt with a cropped knit. Slight touches of gold or silver complement the clean aesthetic of an all white outfit. Fine gold rings, a hint of silver on your clutch, combined with the metallic detailing on Heart makes for a winning look. You’ll be sweet as a button while keeping things fresh in your winter whites.

Jeans. Comfortable, easy, some may call them an everyday staple. But we’re here to change things up. White jeans. Yes, these can be a little daunting we know. But pair them with a fresh white shirt under a cashmere knit, add a little height with Frankie or Realm and you’ll have heads turning all over town. Go on, give it a try.

Wide leg pants are a great way to avoid the dull office uniform. White wide leg pants? Well, in these you’re sure to do more than just smash that presentation on Friday afternoon, especially paired back with Storm. You’ll also be stealing the show at the celebratory drinks later on.

Drinks may even lead to a late night kiss with the cute guy from accounting. Which may lead… well, just wear the wide leg pants, okay?



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