All white everything

Spring is here, so it’s time to lighten things up. The pins are out, the nails are polished, your hair’s extra bouncy for some reason; tis the season after all.

There’s a spring in your step, pardon the pun, and you skip on over to your wardrobe as the sun shines through the crack between your curtain and the wall.

What to wear, what to wear? You brush aside the greys, push away the blues, and say hell no to all of those black dresses.

You make a side trip to the kettle, a cup of tea will make the decision easier.

Then all of a sudden it’s clear. All white everything.


Oh,  Alabaster. Clean, crisp and  chic. But head to toe white can seem a little scary, all those close calls, near spills and dusty seats. But never fear, once you learn how to rock this trend there’s no going back.

Show your playful side in white denim overalls, but pair them with them with gladiator sandals to keep the look modern.

For the fair skinned amongst us, you’ll opt for creamier tones, while darker complexions will favour icy palates.


Feel like you’re a little old for overalls, but still love the look of white denim?

Pair some short shorts with a long sleeve tee and detailed flats for a fresh day time look.


Or earn serious blogger points with an asymmetrical cut skort, reflector sunnies and lace up heels.

Make sure you #gram your outfit, of course.


Nude heels elongate legs, so if head to toe white seems a little daunting break it up with some flesh coloured stilettos.

Add some peachy cheeks and a slick of mascara, and you’re ready to go.

Just remember to stock up on bleach.


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