What to Wear to Weddings

We’ve been having much debate lately about wedding wear. Mainly because there are so many things you have to take into account. Things like where the actual ceremony is going to be, is it standing only, is the reception at night, will there be cute guys? Seriously, it’s a tricky business.

Depending on where the ceremony is, you might need to consider a more conservative look, but if you’re off to a kicking reception after, then you want to make sure you’re in something party appropriate too.

And then there’s weather to take into account. If you’re in the dead of winter, you need to somehow make a cocktail dress appropriate for the cold. But if it’s outside and in summer, are you going to need a hat?

It’s a battle, but like always, we’ve got this.

We’ve looked at some of our favourite looks and come up with some do’s and don’ts to keep you inspired and prepared for D-day.


Do wear colour.

The problem with weddings is that wearing white is pretty much out of the question – unless you want to start WW3 with bridezilla. Black is also a no-go as you run the risk of looking like you’re off to a funeral. Instead, find yourself an outfit with colour before styling in Aida, which are perfect for day-to-night occasions.


Don’t steal the show from the bride.

If you rock up in a ball gown fit for the MET Gala, you’re asking for a catfight with the bride. But that doesn’t mean dress your outfit down to the point of jeans. Find the right balance in a classic A-line cut dress, which is an elegant and flattering shape. For a subtle and sophisticated finish, accessorise with a clutch and nude heels, like Karina.


Don’t go overboard with accessories.

You don’t want to be that person interrupting the ceremony because the noise from all your jewellery as you hunt for your lipgloss in the bottom of your bag sounds like someone just dropped a drum kit down the stairs. Ditch the accessories and look for a textured dress, like this lace number on Victoria’s Secret babe, Candice Swanepoel. Once you have your hair and lippy sorted, then it’s time to pick out a classic pair of stilettos to match, like Kadia.


Do show off your assets.

It’s time to start showing off what yo’ Mumma gave you. Whether that means you wear statement pumps, like Quarto, to highlight your pins, a backless top to show off your sexy back, or you wear a strapless number to highlight your oh-so-fine décolletage – our rule is, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


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