Well Heeled!

I’m sure we all let out a collective gasp when we first spied Posh strutting in a pair of thigh high Antonia Berardi heelless boots and knew then and there this fashion moment would go down in the history books.

 Likewise I’m sure we’ve all adored Gaga rocking Noritaka’s many offerings on the subject, this casual shopping look is definitely one of my favs…hilar!  

But of course it takes the likes of a design house such as Alexander McQueen’s to raise the bar on the heelless trend just a tad higher.  Behold Sarah Burton’s Fall 2012 collection of spectacularly voluminous and romantic couture, paired of course, with heelless shoes.

Well heeled McQueen. Well Heeled.

Carpe Vita

Amber Renae

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