All We Want for Christmas

Christmas is here and even though we’ve outgrown Santa, we still get a little excited about what will end up under the tree each year.

We’ve doggy-eared magazine pages, we’ve dropped hints to our sisters and boyfriends.

 This is what the Siren girls have on their lists this year.

Amelie by Siren

We only have one set of lips, but that will never stop us lusting after yet another ruby-red lipstick.

We’d all be very happy to find this beauty in our stockings on Christmas morning.

 It’s the holiday season after all, and what better time is there to sport a red pout and some matching heels to liven up our LBDs?

Krome by Siren

Not all of us like shiny, bright things under the tree.

Some of us are far more practical and would love to see a new leather jacket with our names on it.

Whether paired with an on-trend slip dress and strappy heels on a cool summer night, or with our black skinnies and boots in winter, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jessica by Siren

With New Years Eve approaching the single girls in the office have their eye on the perfect date to go with our favourite champaign and super-high heels.

Chris Hemsworth seems to be popping up on quite a few wish lists.

Form a line, ladies.

Sookey by Siren

Of course, some of us are guilty of being that ‘girl who has everything’.

We apologise.

There is something high on our lists though: a one-way ticket to paradise.

Bestie or boyfriend: optional.

 Destination: anywhere that involves drinking out of coconuts, minimal clothing and no shoes butt our favourite coloured sandals.

Now that we’ve all dropped our hints, it’s time to write your list.



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