Trend Focus: Yellow

There’s a lot of great fashion out there – and there are a lot of absolute babes rocking all that great fashion.

From denim to debutante; we love it. But we thought it was about time we focused on one of our favourite trends of the moment – Yellow.

Yellow is not what you call an organic colour, like khaki, beige and white. It’s fun, vibrant and pretty eye catching.

It’s the colour of our morning mango smoothie, the sun that kisses our skin, and that beautiful bunch of tulips we just bought for our bestie’s birthday.

But we know some people might find it a little tricky to wear. Because let’s face it, it’s one thing to buy yellow flowers, but it’s a whole other story to wrap yourself up in it.

Fear not, babe. We’ve come up with a few tips to give your outfit a tasteful splash of sunshine without slipping into the field of faux pas.


The gorgeous Blake Lively gives us some inspiration by tastefully adding a pop of pretty to her look. This hint of tailored yellow lifts the rest of her monochrome outfit. Go for Natasha to add a bold touch to your preppy getup.


Coffee in hand, this girl knows how to take on the day. Distressed denim paired with a leather jacket and leopard heels – because who doesn’t love a little leopard? Just add Rainer and a buttercup scarf to show how a casual outfit can be lifted by a little colour.

Boheme Pony

This rugged up and cheery cheeked babe demonstrates the fun in neon. Her all black attire- from the scarf down to the kicks – looks fabulous. But she knows how to shake things up with a serious splash of neon yellow. Just add for Boheme in pony to finish your look.


This beauty shows off her figure with a little retro number. Shape is created by the waist belt and curves on the bodice. She keeps her accessories simple, letting the dress speak for itself. Now just grab a retro shoe like Akaysha to complete your look, you sexy thing you.


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