Tickled Pink.

Some Sirens will be tickled pink that the blush trend has continued into the new season. Others maybe not so much – it’s a tricky one to pull off at the end of winter when you’re alabaster skin seems to only want to make friends with one colour: black.

But babe, we’re here to show you how to embrace it, and even take it one step further. Because we’re not stopping at blush. We’re going all the way.

Oh that’s right, babe. We’re introducing you to hot pink.

But before you freak out, run to your wardrobe and hide in a pile of neutral coloured clothes, listen up. Because we’ll show you how it’s done, okay?

For now, we’ll ease you in gently. Let’s start with a light blush.


First things first, double denim. Cut off shorts and a loose shirt will do. Now for some contrast with delicate jewellery. Clashing fine gold and heavier silver gives a little grunt to your look. And if you’re really feeling it, pop on a blinged up black beanie. Then slip into Karolina to balance it all out.


Headed out somewhere fancy? Fifi will do the trick. Her block heel means you’ll still be standing at the end of the night, while her touch of hot pink isn’t overbearing. If you’re feeling brave pair it with a bright, bold skirt and a printed bag.


And if you’re feeling really brave, go for Riley. Together with a little black dress and a lot of black lace, you’ll be turning heads in no time. Just add hints of gold and polished nails. Did someone say date night?


With spring well on it’s way we’re already dreaming of light 90’s slip dresses and big round sunglasses. Slip into Rainer and pair back with white and grey to compliment the colour palette. Now start counting the days until winter is over.

See babe, that wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was pretty damn good.



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