Four Ways to rock The Bronx

Winter has its ups and downs.

As in, our spending goes up whilst our bank balance goes down.

The reason being that in summer, you can get away with a pair of ripped denim shorts, a cute singlet and a flashy pair of sandals – outfit done and dusted in three pieces. Then winter comes along and we require more clothing; more  scarves, woolen jumpers, big coats, boots, stockings and umbrellas.

That dream of getting away with just a pair of shorts and singlet has flown out the window as we see our shopping bill go from a three-item purchase to an amount that we’re still trying to deal with and pay off.

Yep, the price tag of living in winter goes up big time.

You could not leave the house to stop yourself from spending, but babe, we’re not hermits. We’re Sirens, and we’re not going to board ourselves away from the world until summer returns.

We just need to get smart and get creative. Instead of buying that woolen jumper in three different colours, you pick one and have some fun styling it in with other pieces, giving it a completely different look each time.

Same thing with shoes – do as we do and follow our advice as we look at the Bronx four ways.

1 Look one Bronx

Olivia Palermo goes for grey-on-grey in a skirt, jumper and sleeveless coat. Get your grey outfit to pop by adding a splash of colour, like the burnt-orange detailing on her cuff. Don’t stress trying to find a similar jumper – an accessory piece, like bracelet, clutch or polish will work too. Bronx in black will complement this colour blocking nicely.

2Look Two Bronx

The great thing about Bronx is that it’s halfway between heel and boot, making it ideal for bridging the gap between formal and casual situations. Skinny jeans and wavy hair say I’m down to earth whilst an embellished top and a killer clutch say good luck figuring me out – are we right Millie Mackintosh?

3 Look three bronx

When Gigi Hadid isn’t waltzing down red carpets, she’s running between shows and shoots all day. She needs a shoe that’s easy to wear but says I’m a model. Bronx provides the perfect solution as it’s not only comfy but adds a level of professionalism to your look. Translation? You can wear your ripped boyfriend jeans but still look like a boss.

4 look four bronx

This blonde beauty rocks a black winter coat and teacup style dress, finished with a fresh coat of lippy. Typically, this would fall into the category of evening, but pairing it with Bronx instead of a strappy feminine number gives the look a whole new meaning. Did someone say brunch?


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