You may need to steer well clear of rain, wine, and dirt in general, but apart from those three no-nos, suede ticks a big yes on our to-do… or should we say to-buy list.

From oversized jackets in muted colours during Autumn, to dark, structural pieces that reflect our mood in winter, suede can cover us from head to toe, making not just look good, but feel good, too.

When it comes to suede there are a few rules to follow. Listen and learn, Sirens.


Rule # 1. If you’re going to go for suede on top, make sure the suede on the bottom doesn’t clash. When in doubt, stick to a leather bootie like Katy. This way you wont have to worry so much while trying to dodge puddles all winter long.


Rule #2. If you’re going to show what’s on top, at least leave something up to the imagination. For example, knee highs like Revolution go well with short shorts and midriff crops- just ask Miley. N.B. We recommend no twerking in these babies- unless of course that’s what you’re into :/


Rule #3. If your boots are made for walking, then they’re probably flat- let’s be honest here. Chelsea pairs well with an over the knee fuzzy sock to keep your pins warm, a skinny leg jean, or for the bold amongst us – a teeny, tiny mini with an opaque tight.


Rule #4. The key to making someone jealous is making them want what you have. Take for example, your new suede shoes, Aliza. Move over blue, there’s a new kid in town: teal. It also works well with the monochrome trend, lift your look with slight touches of colour.


Rule #5. The casual bootie goes undercover in beige suede. Let Eve take you from Oh no, to Oh hell-o. Just avoid the cowgirl look with a cute circle skirt and white button up shirt.

This season, swear by suede.


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