Style Focus: The Platform Sandal

This whole business of the white chunky platform is one we can’t quite get enough of.

Frankly, a big thank you card should be sent to the likes of Abba and the Spice Girls for pioneering and passing it on to the women of today.

Finally, short girls everywhere have a chance to reach eye level in comfort, while the rest of us the grasp the opportunity to add a few extra inches- we can’t all have legs the length of Gisele, after all.

And need we mention the beauty of the platform on grass?

We can’t begin to imagine the number of stilettos that have been lost at garden parties thanks to the sinking heel- though after a few hours in your 4-inch you’d probably happy to go barefoot.

The platform is not only practical as hell, but probably one of the comfiest shoes out there. That’s why we’re thanking out lucky stars for Greta by Siren.


Her platform will give you height, comfort, and style with a modest voice. So you can rock the 60s-inspired platform even if you’re just heading out for a day of shopping.

 Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.42.01 am

Play it monochrome by dressing yourself in (almost) all black. Then highlight your look with a couple of key white pieces. The contrast heroes the white and highlights your sandals as a focal point. And keep it cute with a bright shade of lippy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.42.18 am

Slip into a textured white midi skirt and add a few pastel accessories, a baby blue satchel bag will do. Then follow this babe back to the early 60s. Give yourself a sweep of liquid black eyeliner and you may as well call yourself Brigitte Bardot.

 Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.42.33 am

Italian’s brought us a lot of good things – no, not just pizza and pasta. Must we remind you of the staple accessory needed for a trip down the coast? A head scarf of course. Bridget Jones highlighted the dangers of convertibles paired with loose hair . So be sure it’s tied nice and tight and channel your inner Italian beauty in white sandals.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.42.49 am

If you’re in a playful mood what better way to show it than to pull on a playsuit? We recommend running out to the garden right now, picking a whole bunch of flowers – creepy crawly free, of course – and making flower chains for your hair. Time to enjoy copious amounts of sunshine and butterflies.



Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Siren makes no apologies for its bold approach to fashion. For the past decade Siren Shoes have been leading the market with inspirational footwear. Whether it is heels, boots, sandals, flats or wedges, is the fashion shoe destination.

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