Make a statement

They say opposites attract, and until now we’d all been fooled in to thinking they were referring to some bushy faced bad boy and a sweet, sugar faced babe who’s never put a wrong step.
Little did we know this proverb was all about clashing prints. Those unique pieces you own that when imagined together seem so incredibly wrong, until that is, we unite them – and just like a love story, something beautiful happens. A calm neutral softens a bold red. A sweatshirt provides a little grunt to an otherwise girly skirt.
It’s really a matter of fashion equilibrium, when you think about it. The perfect balance, struck with statement separates.
Karlita by Siren
What have we here? A biker babe, or a sweetheart? Who knows, who cares – that’s one babe’n look. Balance out an over the knee skirt with a pair of sky high stroppy heels, like Karlita.They bring a sexy feminine touch to the tough leather.
Ash by Siren
You want to rock some flares but you’re scared of drowning under all that material. Solution? Wear an ultra girly, lacy top – the flash of skin keeps the look modern and is the perfect soft touch against all that denim. And what’s she hiding under those pants? The only heels that keep her high enough off the ground to pull off this outfit, Ash. A sky-high stiletto in an unassuming neutral, like Ash, is the perfect finishing touch to this boho look.
Ally by Siren
We bet the Burberry masterminds are rolling their eyes with news that the symbol of modern day sophistication, the trench coat, has been thrown atop a printed sweater. Add reflective shades, your brightest pants and our brand new heels Ally on your feet – the print keeps it edgy while the tones blend with your trench.
Golden by Siren
That girly skirt you’ve had in your wardrobe for years, staring at you like an unloved child in need of attention is about to have its shining moment. Whack that baby on and grab your favourite sweatshirt to balance it out. This seasons must-have long coat goes well in the colder months, while our Golden girl keeps you looking sexy and stable – the perfect heel for this outfit, and many more.

Now it’s your turn babe, go make a statement.


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