Spring Racing: Derby Day

It may not be ladies day, but Derby is definitely one for the ladies.

A day of black and white. No colour, all class.

Considered the most prestigious day of the Spring Racing Carnival, Derby Day represents a world of glamour and sophistication- if you pace those glasses of champagne that is.

And while the racing stakes are high, the fashion stakes are even higher as the first day of Fashions on the Field kicks off. Derby is the time to shine when it comes to classic elegance with a modern edge.

And though it may seem like the easiest day of all with such a simple colour palette, the restriction can often mean it’s the hardest.

But not to worry, lovely ladies, below you will find an abundance of wardrobe inspiration. As well as a few shoes that are sure to stay on those feel of yours all day long. And just remember taking them off is simply not an option- not even on the grass. Okay?


Don’t be shy.

While we all love a little black dress, there’s nothing sexier than a woman pulling off a pair of pants- wait a second. Let’s rephrase that shall we? There’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing the pants. Why’s that you say? Because it shows she has confidence, not to mention the right pair can lengthen and elongate her pins. Pair with Amore or Lara for a stable heel that’s sure to offer comfort.

Keep it interesting.

Just because you can’t wear colour, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a print. Any will do, but this Spring we’re going for stripes- racing stripes in fact. Be it down the leg of those pants we were discussing, or woven into the scarf that’s keeping your shoulders from getting too much sun during the day, and keeping you from getting a chill at night. Paired with Kayla you’re bound to be the winner of the day- even if you don’t place a bet.

Get low.

Back or front, take your pick. A backless dress is perfect for those who are less… equipped up top. Showing off your sleek and slender back is just as sexy. Trust us. And for the other ladies, a low front Miranda-style is the way to go. But whichever you choose, Kalista’s lace is sure to be the perfect accompaniment.


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