Spring Cleaning Your Spring Closet

Spring is in the air – which is amazing unless you have hayfever. Sorry, not sorry.

The flowers are out, our new collection has just dropped, the days are getting longer, and we’re about to face Spring Fashion Week. Life is good.

As for the space in our wardrobe, not so good.

Naturally, we’re keen to get our hands on all the new collections, but given the state of our wardrobe we might need to do something else first. Mainly because mornings of late have felt like a cross between a ‘Hoarders’ episode and some deep sea diving expedition. So if we’re going to start adding to our wardrobes, we better do some subtracting first.

Luckily there’s that little annual tradition we call ‘spring cleaning’.

Time to grab a glass bottle of sparkling and put on your favourite playlist because you’re about to get all Sex-and-the-City on your wardrobe as we take you through the best way to spring clean your closet.

Sommer Black Suede

Start by pulling everything out of your closet and onto the floor or bed. You’ll be able to go through each piece one at a time, wondering, “does this bra still fit?” or “is it time to replace my old sandals with new ones like Sommer?”

 Kadia Nude

Sort your items into three piles: toss, donate, and sell. Toss the damaged goods, donate the no-brand stuff and sell the rest. As they say, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure – or new outfit for the weekend. Plus, knowing your once loved item is going to a good home can make it easier to move on. And you can then use that extra cash to buy something from this season, like Kadia.


Getting smart about your wardrobe storage is an easy way to make more space. Spend some time on Pinterest for some DIY wardrobe-inspo or make a quick trip to Ikea. Your wardrobe won’t just be smarter, but it will look good too – especially now that you just picked up another pair of cocktail heels like Randa.

Ivette Luxe

Follow the ‘one year rule’. If you find yourself saying “an oldie but a goodie”, and yet you haven’t worn it for a year then it’s time to ditch the dodo, babe. There’s an exception to the rule for those odd formal pieces, like that black-tie dress or your special occasion heels like Ivette Luxe. When in doubt, send a quick selfie to your BFF who will be quick to give you a “yea or nay”.

This should get you started. Happy spring cleaning, Sirens.


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