Split It

With warmer weather comes the undeniable desire to wear as little clothing as possible. And while this is fine for the beach and the backyard, it’s not always the best move in public places. Especially when it comes to work.

But that doesn’t mean you need to cover up and sweat it out in the scorching sun. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A maxi skirt will keep those long pins shaded while a thigh high split not only let’s in a bit of a breeze, but it also shows off a nice amount of leg.

It’s like your mamma always told you, leave some things to the imagination.


The perfect Spring get up. A bright yellow skirt to match the sun, paired with a little tee and gold details. Selene brings a touch of glamour with her jewels, now decorate your arms with bangles and your eyes with shades. Twist your hair back and maybe pop a daisy behind your ear to take boho-luxe to new heights.


Take cues from a babe who knows how to work a split and stick just the one shade- black of course. A high waist skirt shows off your shape while a tied up shirt shows a little skin. Simba allows the look to stay minimal, while a low bun and dark sunglasses ups your levels of chic.


Where would we be without denim and leopard? Don’t answer that, just button up your shirt and slip your pins into a billowing split skirt. Buckle up Serra and you’ll be sure to create a stir that has heads turning.


Once the sun sets for the day slip out of your sandals and into Bianca, pop a leather jacket over your shoulders and suddenly you’re ready for a night out. Red lips and a smokey eye brings your look from a day of shopping to a night of cocktails.



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