SoleSiren: Milano Strada Stile

Or Milan Street Style, to you and me! Just trying to get a bit fancy with the local lingo, as you do when in Rome, or err Milan. It was a pretty spectacular week spotting some of the biggest names in fashion strutting the streets. Once I saw Franca Sozzani, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia walking her dog in stilettos and head-to-toe couture on the Monte Napoleone!!! But the biggest fashgasm came when I saw my personal style icon, Anna Della Russo flashing past! Would love to share these pics with you but alas I was too busy stupidly staring to snap a flash! Rookie!

All perfect inspiration for the observing fashionista, and many a times I was asking myself ‘why didn’t I come up with that?!’. I love being challenged as a stylist and seeing the new prints-on-prints slash pop-of-colour slash statement accessory.

There were too many favourites to choose from, but below is a selection of snaps I took for you.

Favoloso!! (Fabulous that is, and they say it with such enthusiasm…might just take this saying home with me!)

Amber Renae









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