Sister Style.

Genetics. It just ain’t fair.

You know when you’re checking out a babe- a girls favourite past time, let’s be honest – and you’re thinking, how can this creature be so damn good looking and so stylish all at the same time? 

You want to hate her, but you just can’t help but love her. It borders on obsession.

The problem with these genetically blessed creatures is that there are usually more of them. That’s right – siblings. Great.

Take the Aldridge sisters for example: Two supermodels, two ridiculously amazing bodies, two great senses of style.

Queen B and Solange Knowles. How they work those curvaceous bods into iddy biddy short shorts and still come out looking that bangin’ we’ll just never know.

The list just goes on. And on.

But who our favourites? Let us guide you through it.


It probably comes as no surprise that these babes top our list. The Delevingne’s sure know how to work denim and leather together x 2. Poppy and Cara just ooze that effortless grunge, chic look. Like they just rolled out of bed and into their clothes without a care in the world. Add in some red lips, big earrings, and Nadine and you’re rocking the same babe’n look.


Three sisters who couldn’t be more rock n’ roll if they tried. Each bringing something different to the party, the babes from Haim all channel a classic rock style. Paired with a little black dress, denim cut offs and a marle grey singlet, or black jeans and a suede vest, Frankie completes any look.


They’ve come a long way from the toddlers you remember running around on Full House in the 90’s. Now the Olsen twins are known for their unique style and have a lust worthy label of their own. The key to their look is to keep it simple, sleek, and black of course. Just like Sacha.


It seems like Elle and Dakota Fanning shot into adulthood- and some serious style- over night. With these two channeling boho-chic in delicate lace and chunky heels, like Freya, the Olsen twins might have a little competition on their hands.


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