What shoe they should have worn

“Excuse me, are these the regular people bathrooms? I’m looking for the bathrooms for regular people.” – Overheard backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show.

And it’s not hard to imagine why.

But just to spell it out for you: it’s because Victoria’s Secret Angels are not regular people. They are superhumas who somewhere along the path of evolution transformed into extra long limbed, extra beautiful, and ridiculously toned creatures.

So when they parade down a glittering catwalk wearing nothing but some fluff, a string here-or up there, and barely-there lace, it is no surprise that we all sit in front of the television with a block of chocolate in hand and pools of tears collecting at out feet.

But rather than lamenting in our own sorrow, let’s have a little fun. Say, why don’t we play what shoe they should have worn. You know, to lighten the mood a little while diverting attention away from their painfully rock hard six packs.


Come on, fluffy stilettos are just so impractical. Unlike those wings. Now those we could think of a few things to do with. You know, like wearing them down to the grocery store. Casual Fridays in the office. Or even just a day of shopping. Paired perfectly with Karolina, of course.


You know those days where you’re just not quite sure if you’re hot or cold. Or both at the same time? Well not to worry, this little number should do the trick. Cozy red feathers to keep the heat in, and tiny yellow lace to cool you right down. Wear with an open toe like Rae and you’ll be the perfect temperature all day long.


A perfect look for the silly season: when you’re feeling naughty and nice. Just pop on some sweet black lace and killer heels like Kayla. Then slip into your black-feathered wings and say hello Christmas day.

Now, are we all ready to strip down and strut our stuff?



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