Road Tripping

As the weather gets warmer, a few things begin to happen:

We eat more ice cream, we find more mosquito bites, we use more coconut oil, and shaving our legs becomes an almost daily task- rather than monthly :/

It’s standard summer behavior.

Hopefully you’re getting a little time off work or studies to enjoy the bright blue skies and lovely sunshine, also known as the best time of the year.

Some of us spend these days reading in a park under a big tree, bathing in the gentle waves at the local beach, or inviting all our friends around for a BBQ – which is secretly an excuse to invite the cute new guy over.

All great ideas. But if you do find yourself with a day or two to spare, what else could you do?

Go on a road-trip of course.

Road tripping and summer are as much entwined with each other as Crocs and the sentence ‘Ew, God no’.

Babe, just imagine- cruising down the coast, the sky clear blue, best friend or beau by your side, wind in your hair as you play (sing along to) All Saint’s ‘Pure Shores’ on repeat.

You’re thinking take me there now. We know, road trips really are the best.

You’ll find beaches that seem empty for miles, discover hidden coves to explore and play dress ups with scarves and kimonos after making a quick visit to the local op shop.

Why not? It’s summer and you’re road tripping. And when you’re road tripping, you get to be spontaneous and crazy.

Just make sure you remember to pack a Polaroid camera, some sunscreen, your favourite towel and some lip-gloss – then grab the Willow bag to keep it all safe.


And of course, don’t forget a few shoes for all your summer searching. You won’t want to leave home without Serra for the beach, Hope for any late night cider sessions and Eve if you’re up for some serious adventure.

Happy travels. xx


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