Pretty in Pink

Clearly, we have a bit of a shoe obsession.

When we’re not wearing shoes, we’re generally wondering what shoes we want to wear next. In fact, we could even be wearing shoes and still be thinking about what shoes we want to wear next.

And when we’re not thinking about shoes, we’re talking about shoes.

But we don’t really think that’s unhealthy.

Seriously, a couple of shoes never hurt anyone so a couple dozen shoes wouldn’t hurt anyone either. Right?

The alternative is having one pair of heels that you wear over and over again, and that’s just madness.

No, it’s much more sane to buy as many heels in as many colours a girl can manage.

And when we say colour, we really do mean colour.

Though we do love our black kicks,  we need to start expanding our shoe collection by dancing all over the colour spectrum.

And what better colour to start with than pink?

We’ve seen J.Lo, Kim and Victoria Beckham sport a pair of pinks.

Barbie was a big fan of the colour, too, and so are we, which is why we’re going to take you through our favourite looks perfect for the pink heel.

ivette luxe pink

If you really want your outfit to pop, go for a colour palette that will contrast and complement your pink heels. If you consider basic colour theory, pink’s complementary colour sits between a green and a blue. It doesn’t have to be exact, but find a nice dress with blue or green detailing to work with your shoes. We recommend something with texture like Ivette.

rainer pink

If you’re not ready to make too much of a statement, go for a Rainer in a pale blush. This understated pastel will work well with neutral colours like grey, beige and cream. Pay that extra attention to detail by finding a polish of the same hue.

Riley pink

If you’ve found yourself a delicious floral dress, then we say go all out and find yourself the pink shoe to match. The beauty with a floral print is that there are so many different shades that it makes it super simple to find the right heels to match. Kass is a great all rounder.

Zadie pink

A black and white outfit is always a winning look – whether you’re off to a wedding, on a quick coffee date, or getting ready for a meeting. But anyone can wear black and white. Stand out from the crowd like a real Siren by giving your monochrome outfit a zing with Zadie.


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