Pimp My Kicks

By now all of you vertically challenged Sirens, like myself, have gotten yourselves into our HELLIER sneaks.

As you are all well aware by now, of my life’s motto’s is ‘One can never have too much bling’, so in true AR style, I’ve decided to Pimp My Kicks.

Check out the pics below for a simple and effective way to customise your kicks.

First up you’ll need some stick-on rhinestones, I found these in a Discount store at Bondi Junction for $2 per pack.  Most Craft stores will sell them, just make sure you get the adhesive kind.  Whilst you’re there grab some metallic ribbon about 1cm wide – make sure it’s double sided.  Then get out your scissors and some clear sticky tape and you’re good to go!

Measure the length and calculate how many rows you will need of the rhinestones to fit across the velcro straps, then trim the rhinestone sheets to fit. Your rhinestones should come off in a string so they are neatly applied in rows.

Next swap colours, and measure and trim again, before applying the the centre back section.  And repeat for the two side sections – inside and out.  Don’t be too worried if there’s a bit of space left over at the end of the curved rows.

Take the shoelaces that came with your kicks, and measure against the ribbon to cut perfect lengths.

Then bind the end of each new shoelace in sticky tape to create a narrow tip.  And thread your laces starting at the toe first, obvi.


Now stand back and admire your pimped up new kicks!!!


Enjoy my lovelies.

And always remember to stay up to date with the hottest new arrivals from Siren.

A xx

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