Peeping Tom.

Peep toe shoes have graced runways to red carpets and offices alike. It’s a classic style that brings with it a level of elegance and subtle sex appeal.

For us, the best part about this seasons peep toe is it’s fresh new look: black leather booties, buckles, zips, laces, and cut outs. Hot, hot, hot.

Whether they’re stomping the Parisian streets during fashion week or pacing the corridors of your office, peep toes particularly of the bootie variety can be worn in all manner of ways, and we’re here to show you how.

And as the cold weather sets in, they’ll keep your feet feeling nice and snug, while giving those toes a little breathing room.

Take a peep and see which style suits you.


An asymmetrical skirt lets you show off those pins while keeping the look conservative enough for the office. Just team it with a basic knit and a low bun for extra chic points. If prints are a little much for your work place simply keep the colours neutral, Katy will do the trick.


You’re heading out for a drink with your man and you want to get the right level of relaxed vs. sexy. He can never know you spent 4 days planning your outfit. Pair a long sleeved mini dress with Kami, let the gold detailing do all the talking and keep other accessories minimal.


It’s a relaxed lunch with your bestie, but all occasions call for heels, right? Settle our Siren Kara down a little with a loose fitting dress and an oversized shirt. Tousled hair and metallic touches on your accessories finish it off.


Casual Friday rolls into afterwork drinks, and let’s be honest – you’ve had you’re eye on that babe from the marketing department for some time. Pair a leather skirt- mini or knee length for a little extra coverage- with a button down denim shirt. Team it back with Jackie and keep your hair natural and messy – make him think bed head, you little minx.

You’re ready for anything.


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