One In Every Colour

So you’ve decided to go shopping have you?

You’ve gone and had your nails did. Your hair did. And your makeup is so on point that it looks did too.

Smart move, girl. Next it’s your shoes.

You’ve tried on every pair; the suede boot, the kitten wedge, the strappy sandal. And you love them all.

How could you not? They’re shoes after all.

We, as women of the world, know just how important shoes are. Not just to your outfit, but to your day. Goddess and blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe said, “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

The babe was right.

They can get you dancing to Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love on a girls’ night out, or they could have you sitting on the floor with shoes in hand after a long day at the races. They can empower you to strut your fine self in the opposite direction of your ex, or leave you toppling over on the cobble stone driveway as you try to find your keys.

They can make you- or break you.

Which is exactly why finding the right pair is so important.

Okay. So let’s say you’ve narrowed down your search. You’ve gone from a few pairs in the shopping cart to just the one.

First off, well done. Second, how on earth are you going to pick which colour?

Ivette Black Patent

How about Ivette in Black?

After all, versatility is black’s middle name. It’s a daytime staple before turning into a night-time cocktail occasion. Rocker chicks and Chanel fans alike would agree; black is simply classic. You just can’t go wrong – and you’ll never run out of matching accessories.

ivette look two

What about Ivette Luxe in Hot Fuschia Glitter?

How could you not feel like the prettiest girl in the room if you’re wearing these bad boys – hello, they’re pink glitter. It’s possible we just found the leading shoes from the Legally Blonde set. And you know what? We’re not returning them. Not even if Reese Witherspoon begs.

ivette look three

Maybe Ivette in Patent Nude is more your speed?

This ankle strap heel is the perfect addiction to any outfit, whether it’s a casual stroll down the street or a black tie event. The subtlety of the colour allows your oufit to star whilst complementing your skin tone. Hot tip: If you’re in denim, it will bring out the different hues woven in the fabric.

ivette look four

Perhaps you fancy Ivette in White?

If you feel like fighting the dark winter this year then fight it with light, and by light we mean white. White is generally considered a summer shade, but this makes it the perfect colour to boost you from your winter slumber. Just remember to scotch guard.

We probably didn’t make the choice any easier did we?


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