When you work in an office things can get very repetative, very quickly.

Now some of you may be thinking, Office? What’s that like?  Well babes, see below and consider yourselves lucky.

Alarm goes off. Hit snooze five times. Roll into the shower. Put boring outfit on. Sit in traffic forever. Have coffee – finally wake up. Do work. The end… Start again.

But really, it shouldn’t be so hard to change it up a little. Rather than making purchases on a whim, try to think about what you already own that could work well with the new piece. Fill your wardrobe with classic staple pieces that you can mix and match, so that it would appear that you’re never outfit repeating. This is where the term ‘magic’ comes from.

You might even notice an extra set of eyes on you, like that babe with the beard from accounts.


Classic does not need to mean boring. Wide leg pants give a level of comfort while simultaneously upping the anti on those drab suit pants you’re used to. They also make a great swooshing sound while you walk. Leave a few buttons undone on your polka dot shirt and tousle your hair. A touch of red lippy and Heart keep it sexy-secretary.


Your office is less accountants-in-suits and more fashion-friendly-foxes. Perfect. Team a timeless pencil skirt with a chic leather peplum top. Golden’s thick heel will keep your feet happy as you run from meeting to meeting in style.


Introduce a little colour into your wardrobe. Pastel pink goes well with forest green. Opt for block colours rather than bright prints to keep it office appropriate. Make your main statement happen south of the ankles, with a bold shoe like Goldie.


Bring a little weekend style into your casual Fridays. All you need to do it throw a blazer over your usual black jeans and white tee. Because let’s face it, a blazer can dress up any outfit, and sometimes we just need to grab and go. Lex lends itself to the look while keeping you comfortable all day long.

No more excuses babe, now get to work.


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