New Season, New Shoes

Notice anything different about us, babe?

We’ll give you a hint. It starts with an ‘M’ and ends with ‘over’. Yep, we just got a make-over. Don’t be jelly – your feet can get one too. We wouldn’t go to all this trouble to dress up then leave you out.

We have your back – well, we have your shoes. New shoes, that is. Just for you and just in time for your summer romance.

Meaning? We just dropped our Spring/Summer collection and we’re all about making a brand new statement.

After all, spring is the season of new beginnings, where birds learn to fly and adorable lambs wandering grassy meadows turn up in our newsfeeds. We get to enjoy longer days, warmer nights and the insatiable smell of flowers blooming for the first time in 12 months. Mother nature is finally waking up. She’s stretching out her arms, warning reminding us that bikini weather is just around the corner.

It’s the perfect time for trying new things to get ready for summer. Including figuring out who your next summer crush is. Peer below to pick out your next love affair from our spring/summer collection.


Are you fun and adventurous? Are you looking for someone to tame your wild side? If so, maybe you need a tough and sexy gladiator heel, just like the caged up Railee. If black isn’t your thing, it also comes in nude and indigo.


Or perhaps the strappy Dede has caught your eye? This is the type of sandal that will be your plus-one to any event. It will take you for long walks on the beach, or join you for date night at the movies. Figure out if you prefer her in black, tan or snake.


If you’re after a summer fling, why not run away with Kanye? Well, less run, more strut. This lace up heel will make you feel a million bucks, especially when walking passed your ex. For an electric summer night, try it in indigo, poppy, black or naked nude.


If you prefer to hang with your BFF, then have a summer you’ll never forget with Laura. She’ll be the Thelma to your Louise. Take her on road-trips, drive-ins or shopping sprees. She’s the type of babe that will make any outfit look good, whether you prefer her in black, light tan or white leopard.

For the rest of our collection, see what’s new here.


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