More bang for your boot

Between sky-high rent prices, fuelling your daily coffee habit and purchasing the next must have outfit, us girls really need to know how to make our money stretch.

Unfortunately staying fashionable isn’t exactly for the thrifty. While some people can pull off op-shop chic, it’s not for all of us. We simply don’t have the patience to spend hours going through other people’s unwanted things to find one goodie – we do enough of that dating.

So for us, chasing the latest cut of jeans, the perfect winter coat and of course new accessories, things can get a little out of control – just ask our credit cards.

Thankfully, there are boots like Bonnie that can be paired with almost any outfit, creating a completely different style, allowing you to save your money for that trip to New York or a girl’s night out.


Throw a structured blazer over a crochet tee for the perfect nod to the boho style, without looking like you should be sipping cocktails at the Potato Head Beach Bar in Bali – we wish. Bonnie’s chunky heel adds some much needed edge to create a chic city look.


There’s nothing better than a fashion forward suit to make you feel like the Beyonce of your office. Add in a killer pair of boots like Bonnie and you’re guaranteed to run the world, or at least run your day.


A heeled boot like Bonnie is the perfect way to dress up a casual bomber jacket. Add in tussled locks for the casual, cool weekend look that would be perfect for anything from a day-date to a night exploring your city in style.


If you’re looking for an outfit that’s casual enough to be worn to an afternoon sipping cocktails with the girls, but one that would also fit in if things spill over into the night, then think a mini skirt, oversized shirt and Bonnie – the perfect outfit to keep you stylish throughout your day or night.


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