Forget mini. And who can even remember maxi. This autumn it’s all about midi.

Season after season we return to the past to find bits and pieces that we can bring into the now. We’re not sure exactly how it came about, or who was spotted wearing it first, but what we do know is that AW14 has reinvented the 50’s housewife, giving her a sexy makeover whilst hanging on to her calf length skirts.

If you are to give in to that ever-persistent voice in your head that is constantly begging you to buy just one more piece to complete your wardrobe, give into this one. You do need this skirt. It’s just a necessity. As are the shoes to go with it. Oh, and maybe a new bag to match? Come to think of it, those sunglasses are an absolute must.

Okay we give up, let’s just go shopping already.


Go for the classic- and currently-forever-trending- monochrome look. Keep it chic in a high neck knit with short sleeves. Pair it with a printed midi and add a little more hight with Kris.


A cropped lilac knit adds a touch of softness to your winter look, while a red bang on the lips brings the pop. Juliette stays true to your retro vibe while a tousled bob keeps you looking sexy, not stepford.


Make a statement with a bold skirt, but keep it casual with a tee. Opt for a fuller midi and pair it with a marle grey tee to bring a level of sport luxe into your look. Just throw over a cropped leather jacket and slip into Precise.


 A little leather, a little peplum, a lot of monochrome, and you’re ready for fashion week. Take your pick between a fuller skirt, or slim with a split, and add the finishing touches- a black clutch and Storm will complete any outfit.

The only question that remains: which to buy first, the shoes or the skirt?


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