Make the move

So, you’ve been with you man for a while now. Everything’s been going well, so well in fact that he’s just asked you to move in.

You’re thrilled. You’re sure this is one step closer to getting that rock on your finger. And you know what, it’s just about better. This way you don’t have to fuss with the mother-in law, the insane price of flowers, the drama of finding the right dress. You can get to that later. Because right now you get to wake up next to the guy you love. Day in and day out. How sweet.

Oh. Wait up. Hold on just a minute. It seems there’s just one little, teeny tiny, incy wincy problem…

His wardrobe is the size of a shoebox. This could spell the end of you and Mr. Man.

But we wouldn’t let that happen now, would we? Of course not. So what we’ll do is set you up with a plan.

A plan to help you take over 70% of his wardrobe without him even realising.

Now what you’ll need to do leading up to the big move is bring over a few things. You know, half of your dresses, a quarter of your shoes, your top five handbags. That way his wardrobe will begin to seem a little over crowded. Subtly hint that he should do a wardrobe edit.

He’ll look at you funny, he’ll ask you what that even means, edit? You’ll gently explain that he has had shirts sitting in his wardrobe that he hasn’t even looked at for at least six to twelve months. It’s time for them to go.

But before you go getting too pleased with yourself, you’re going to need to do a cull too. You didn’t think you were getting away with it that easily did you?

You’re well versed in this, so we wont need to tell you what to cull. Just be sure you don’t go too crazy, you’re going to want to keep the classics. You know, like Rainer in pastel pink, Karolina in white, Kayla in black suede, and Rae in white.


Soon enough the wardrobe will be yours.



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