look good in leather

Do you look good in leather?

That’s the question we’re asking this week. Well to be specific, do you look good in a leather jacket?

Of course you do, babe.

It’s one of those staple pieces that every girl should have in their wardrobe, hanging right next to their white tee, skinny jeans and LBD.

The leather jacket club has a long list of members, each as diverse as the next, including WW2 pilots, James Dean, the Hell’s Angels, Kimmy-K, the Ramones and Kate Moss.

Fashion has always found inspiration in subculture and the items they wear as symbols of rebellion – but none have lasted quite as long as the leather jacket.

On one level, it’s appealing because it’s just so practical; warm, durable, and often looks even better with age. It doesn’t date and it looks good with almost anything. But more importantly, the leather jacket is just as cool today as it was nearly a century ago. Kudos to Marlon Brando.

But every wearer makes the look their very own. Here’s some of our favourite ways to don the LJ.


A mini skirt and crop top is a playful combo we will always love. To give it a stylish edge, pair it with a leather jacket- it turns your look from cute to sexy. All you need now are the boots to match, say hello to Brit.


Nothing says tough like camo pants and a leather jacket- the two go together like fake tan and a Friday night. But you can run the risk of looking a little too tough. Find yourself a pair of strong feminine heels like Enice, to be less GI Joe and more GI Jane.

Lira Micro

While a leather jacket is perfect to pair with jeans on your day off, it can also be worn when you want to dress up. This makes it ideal for date night. Wear yours with a mini dress, thigh high boots like Lira, and a bold lip. You’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression.


For every it-girl, there is a leather jacket hanging in her wardrobe. That’s because they know it’s an effortless way to turn a basic look into a fashion savvy combo. So next time you’re struggling to get your fashion A-game on, opt for your LJ and a chic boot like Zeze. Easy.


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