Some like it tough. Our W14 campaign.

She’s the kind of girl that’s got a dark side, a tough side, an i-don’t-take-shit-from-nobody side. In her world, clouds are made of buttery soft leather, there’s no such thing as too much hardware and Charlie Hunnam, or more specifically, Jax Teller, is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

She lives at the intersection of dark and sexy. She knows how to be the life of the party, but when to leave them wanting more. She think rules are for breaking, except for the one and only holy grail: #allblackeverything
So in the spirit of breaking rules, here’s a sneak peek at our brand spanking new W14 campaign.


So who is this dark, sexy Siren, exactly?

She’s a babe that knows the importance of details.  Chunky zips that are just the right shade of gold. Peek-a-boo cut outs. Leather finishings, animal print details. She loves it, and she wants all of it on her.


She’s the epitome of tough glamour. She can rock a smokey eye, leather pants, sky high heels and a fur vest all at once, and leave everyone in her wake wishing they could do the same.


She’s got her very own pony – of the black bootie variety, and she’ll ride it all the way into the depths of the night. She lazer cuts hearts to match her bangin’ lazer cut shoes, and she’ll stare you in the eye until she gets her way.

She’s tough. She’s sexy. She’s dark with a twist.

We think you’ll like her, in fact, you are her. So it’s time to dress the end of your pins in our new collection, don’t you think?


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