Ladies Who Wedge

Spring is here which means it’s time to yank off those boots, pull down those socks and let your toes be free.

Don’t be shy now ladies, your legs probably wouldn’t mind getting some Vitamin D either.  Yep, that’s right it’s time to get the pins out.

We know it’s been a while- we’re all in the same boat. Throughout winter our feet spend the majority of their time wrapped up in a pair of socks or tucked under a comfy blanket. Now is the time to let them breathe.

Trust us, it feels good to escape from under all those layers off and let your skin breathe.

And what better way to work those pins to their maximum potential than with a pair of wedges.

Our office is currently packed with wedges. Tanned and tall, colourful and small. We have a wedge to fit any occasion. How about we run through some outfits that will compliment your wedge, sounds good, doesn’t it?


Wedges are a great way to give your outfit that little something extra. Something that makes you stand out amongst the rest. Height obviously, but more than that a wedge can give you a spring in your step. Probably because the extra support means you can strut your stuff without the fear of falling.

Can you double up on animal print ? Of course you can. Take inspiration from Jessica Hart and channel your inner lioness with these leopard print wedges.


Wedges provide comfort for a girl who knows style, but also knows her limits. Tanned legs, a pop of colour and chunky wedge equals legs that go for days minus the dilemmas that come sometimes accompany heels. Try the Ciana.



Bold lips were massive at NYFW. Pair then with matching nails and  wedges. Hello Joy.



It’s time to take the night by storm. Leather is here, and we want to see you flaunt it. Check out Adele.

So what are you waiting for? Go on ladies, you’ve got this.


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