Kick off the new season.


We’re all aware that spring is on it’s way. The first few days of lovely, warm sunshine have cemented that fact in our minds. And we’ve all done it before, get over excited as we read the forecast for the day.

What’s that? 18 degrees. Ha. 18 is basically 30. I’ll wear my iddy biddy skirt, my linen tee, and sandals. Damn, I might even be hot in all of that.

You step out your front door in the morning and think hmm it is a little chilly. That’s okay, the sun will come out. It’ll be fine.

You sit at your desk hours later and begin to question just what was running through your head that morning. On a side note, you wonder if the shade of blue that your toes have turned would actually be a nice nail polish colour.

But rather than risking potential frost bite, why not embrace the last cold weeks and kick off the new season with a boot?


Give an edge to your office look. You can never go wrong with a classic white shirt, but why not opt for a textured skirt that shows off those pins and let Heidi finish the look on point.


A flirty skirt paired with a minimal black knit keeps things nice and simple. Pull up your sleeves and add Nadine, the rubber sole gives you the  comfort that can take from day to night.


Keep warm by layering up a marle grey tee and navy shirt. Add some texture and contrast with a pleated leather skirt, while Jackie brings the height and a bit of grunge to the look.


Take inspiration from Boheme and slip into a floaty mid length skirt. Pony hair and polka dots liven up the look while all black keeps it sleek. Finish it off with a printed clutch and delicate jewels.


You may have opted out of ballet classes a long time ago, but who says you can’t still pull off a tutu? Worn with a basic black knit and Realm you’ll have heads turning for all the right reasons.

Say goodbye to winter in style.


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