Keeping Warm in Autumn

Chilly days have their pros and cons.

On one hand, we wake up to frostbite, grey skies and a strong desire to not get out of bed.

But on the other hand it means we can enjoy mornings sipping hot chocolates and nights sitting by open fires.

And whilst the latter sounds just lovely, it really only applies to people who are inside and stationary. Because as much as we’d like to perpetually live on a couch with a blanket, fluffy socks and Norah Jones, we can’t.

We are women on the go and we need warmth.

We can’t carry around a portable fire place – as amazing as that would be. We need our hands free to hold onto our gorgeous new tote and our morning coffee.

So how do we stay warm on chilly days without said fire place?

Easy. We’ll show you how.

1. Gloves

 A staple piece for ladies since their invention, gloves were once preferred by modest ladies seeking shelter from leering men. Today they are a simple way to avoid frost bite on your walk to work. Whether they’re leather, fingerless or wool, pop them in your bag and you’ll be ready for anything.

2. Boots and Boots

Stick to shoes that give your feet more coverage. I.e, do not wear thongs and sandals, you mad woman. We recommend Narnia and Zed, or Jen and Realm, as pictured below, to kickstart your warm wardrobe. They’ll keep your tootsies toasty and your look on trend.

3. Scarves

There are some pretty printed scarves out there, but don’t be fooled, they won’t necessarily keep you warm. Look for one with natural fibres like cotton, wool or cashmere. They’ll keep you warm and let your skin breathe as oppose to cheaper acrylic fabrics.

narnia siren

4. Winter coats

If there’s one thing you do this season, invest in a quality coat. Look for one that’s lined to keep more heat in. And be sure it had a few pockets to tuck your hands into.

5. Stockings

No need to retire your summer dresses and mini skirts. Just slip into a pair of stockings or leggings. They’ll keep your legs warm, while hiding the fact you haven’t tanned or shaved for a few weeks. :/


6. Thick socks

There’s an old wives tale about cold feet making you sick, so it’s worth getting yourself some quality thick socks. Make a statement and pick try something with a hint of colour or a cute print.

7. Beanie

They say a lot of warmth leaves your body from your head. So keep all of it in with a woolen beanie. Please note, they’re also great when you’re not in the mood to wash your hair.

8. Layering

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: layer. It guarantees wardrobe rotation and warmth. Get yourself a few basic camis to wear underneath any dresses or tops that are too thin to wear on their own.


9. Knee High Socks

A school girl staple but a great protector from the cold. Just think of them like ¾ stockings. Wear with a cute mini skirt when you still feel like showing off those pins.

10. More Knits

Wool is the best way to stay warm. Buy yourself a knitted vest or turtle-neck, or better yet, pick up some knitting needles and make your own one-of-a-kind piece.



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