How to Dress Parisian

There has long been a deep fascination and envy from people all around the world of Parisian girls, us included.

We want to learn how to arrange our bathroom like a Parisian, how to sip our coffee, or learn how to get the French figure whilst devouring macaroons. There are countless books, movies and articles addressing these questions and aiding our obsession with the Parisian lifestyle.

Most of all, we want to dress like a Parisian.

Which is fair enough considering Paris is the fashion capital of the world.

After all, as a country, their national symbols are the lovable Brigitte Bardot, Lou Doillon, Carla Bruni and Jane Birkin.

Paris has given rise to the houses of Dior, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy.

Their fashion week is THE fashion week of fashion weeks. If you’re a designer or a model, you’re no one until you design or walk for a show in Paris.

And in few other cities will you discover as many HQ’s of the luxury fashion houses, like Louis Vuitton, Celine, Balenciaga, Chloe, Kenzo and Hermes.

But it’s something about their everyday style that seems to captivate us.

You’ll see these stylish beacons on every street corner, from the Champs-Elysees to the Marais neighborhood. They could be working in accounting or at a street stall, it seems everyone has an acute eye for style and takes strong pride in their personal appearance.

It’s quite clear we all want to be Parisian.

But for most of us, that option of relocating overseas or changing our origin of birth is well beyond our capabilities.

Instead, we can look on from afar and continue to be inspired by their uber chic street style and uber chic lives, and stalk our way through blogs until we stop and say to ourselves, ‘oh! that’s so frenchy, so chic’.

Well, we’ll save you some time.

Here are our four looks to give your life a touch of Parisian.

Look One Calista

Black is pretty much uniform for a Parisian fashionista, but occasionally French girls do embark on the white or grey palette. This blonde beauty shows us how it’s done in a grey-scale ensemble. To get her look keep your accessories classic, like a leather watch and a few gold bangles, matched with a modern shoe like Calista, and of course a pair of oversized sunglasses, which no Parisian would ever be caught without.

Look Two Jackie

The French have a reputation for being effortlessly chic. This basically translates to mean that you need to look like you haven’t spent hours on your outfit when in actual reality you have. One way you can attain this look is to put down the hairbrush; the French love unkempt hair. To contrast the natural locks and knots, style yourself in a freshly pressed shirt, a serious jacket and some serious heels like Jackie in suede.

Look Three Jess

When you have a city full of girls oozing with personal style and a rich burlesque history, you’re bound to get a crossover between outerwear and underwear. Translation? Parisians love to show a bit of bra. Pick out your favourite bralette then pair it with a knit or mesh top, preferably in a long sleeve so you’re not overindulging onlookers with too much skin. They can go to the Moulin Rouge for that. Keep your makeup natural and finish off with a pair of flirty but classy shoes like Jess.

Look Four Zeze

Parisians are lovers of pants, so much so that you could almost use it as a way to spot the locals from the tourists if ever you were to wander the streets of Paris. There’s something about embracing pragmatism and masculinity that Parisians love, almost as much as their love for statement coats. Pair the two together to create a seriously chic look. Finish with a pair of bold boots like Zeze to keep it balanced.


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