How to do weddings

As we walk our fine selves through another year, we start to notice that things around us are beginning to change.

Maybe we’ve realised our body doesn’t quite deal with life after spending a night inhaling wine by the bottle? Or that our favourite jeans won’t last another stitch and repair?

But what tends to catch us by surprise most is the sound of bells and that glimmering rock on our bestie’s hand.

Yes, we’re talking weddings.

Once upon a time, the whole process used to be so easy. As a guest, you wore your Sunday best, rocked up to church, threw rice and enjoyed a few gallons of wine.

But these days, it’s not that simple. There are more types of weddings than there are chocolate at Willy Wonka’s factory.

It could be a spring fling in a garden, a romantic cliff-top ceremony, a classical church appearance or a shotgun wedding-turned party. And you probably have them all on the one weekend, too.

So what the heck are you supposed to wear?

It has to be weather appropriate, on theme, tasteful, stylish, flattering, affordable and a million other things.

Don’t freak though, babe, because as it turns out we’ve done all the thinking for you.

lace enlight

1. Look good in lace

Whilst white lace is completely out of the question – heaven forbid the bride sees you – we do recommend finding a lace dress in a brilliant hue like navy, burgundy or emerald. Because lace is such a high fashion piece on it’s own, it means you can keep your accessories simple (and your budget minimal too). Pin your hair in a loose low bun, paint your nails a matching colour and find a simple elegant heel like Enlighten in nude to match.

maxi dannii

2. Relax in a maxi

When the weather turns cold, it makes it hard to look at a short cocktail dress and get excited. Thankfully, fashion has brought us the maxi skirt. This floor-length piece not only hides our legs when we can’t be bothered with fake tan, but it keeps them warm. Double win. Even though your feet tend to stay hidden, that’s no excuse to forget them. Opt for a criss-cross low heel like Dannii. Just remember to treat yourself to a pedicure, and maybe a massage whilst you’re at it.

enchant leopard

3. Suit up

There comes a time when the average woman looks into her wardrobe and thinks to herself, I don’t feel like wearing a dress today. Which works fine if you’re chilling on the couch all day, but not if you have another ‘wedding of the year’ to attend. That’s when it’s time to pull out the chick tuxedo. It’s a classic and bold look that oozes style. Think Angelina Jolie. Add a touch of femininity to your outfit with some bright nail polish, loosely styled hair and a little leopard in the form of Enchant.

Pastel White Kari

4. Pretty in pastel

Apparently you can’t wear black or white to a wedding. This leaves the sheer majority of us wondering what else is left in our wardrobe. Cue the pastel palette. It’s feminine, subtle and fun; just what you want at a wedding. Style your hair in loose curls, dust with some blush and finish with a shade of pale pink lipstick. Keep it simple by accessorising with a classic pair of heels, like Kari in white, a pastel clutch and some pearls of course.


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