Hello World!

Hello You! You voguish swank, you savvy sartorialist and global trend-setter.  Look down at your shoes, now back to me. What style are you? We know how it goes: you can tell alot about a gal by her shoes.  Are you a desert boot campaigner storming fiercely through life? Or a ballet flat goddess espousing grace and charm.  Or perhaps like me you think your shoes (and let’s face it, life in general) can never be too glam.

Well SoleSiren is the place where we celebrate all! As many of you know I have been a Siren enthusiast for ages, shouting their name from stacked platforms, sky-high heels and lace-up booties wherever I go.  So when they asked me to partner up with them in bringing SoleSiren to you I was, well, sole struck. I knew it would be the right fit.  Needless to say I was head-over-heels excited. (Ok enough!)

Now before I start waxing lyrical on your favourite topic, I thought I would bring to surface my, ahem, qualifications. What I’m about to share with you is a personal place that few have laid eyes on, but those who have, are forever enamoured. 

Behold…my wardrobe. Yes it has its own room. Yes it’s merchandised (and I highly suggest you all follow this neat tip).  Yes it is my pride and joy. As you can very clearly see, I, like Ms Bradshaw, could quite literally be the woman who lived in her shoes. 

So fellow adventurers join me as we discover trends, highlight heels and just generally go Gaga over all things shoes and fashion. I encourage you to share/repost/blog/tweet/email/ whatever your chosen method of communiqué is, and be sure to let me know what you want to see for future editions!

Carpe Vita





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