Cleaning out your wardrobe, it’s the kind of thing you put off for as long as you can, hoping that fairies will sneak in during the night and cull all of the crap. But at the same time, you love holding onto every piece. You never know when your year 10 formal dress covered in green sequins will come back in, right?

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve set out a guide to help you along your journey. Journey? you ask, but I’m only going into my wardrobe. Hello, have you seen Narnia? Your wardrobe is only one wrong step away from a parallel universe. With each shoe, shirt, and skirt you’ll head down memory lane remembering where you wore what and which cute boy was tugging at … ah, wait. Uh-hum. See?


You should always have a few basics: white- duh, denim- double duh, maybe even a little leopard or polka dot? Any print that you’re sick of seeing, say bye-bye.


Ask yourself one question here, babe: When was the last time you tried it on, and then actually wore it out? If it was too long ago to remember, it’s time to break up with it.


Well, this is a little different, worn and torn denim is never a bad thing, and you never know when a style will come back in. Try them on, anything that’s slightly unflattering on your bod, chuck. Anything that fits well, store for future use.


Balling? Shrunken? Pulled? Holes? Babe, you’ve got to let it go. Keep your most precious few and the rest are headed for the charity bin.


If you can’t think of three possible outfits per skirt, say goodbye. All it’s doing is taking up space in your wardrobe that could be filled with so much more come next pay day.


Is the neckline all wonky? Is there a strange brown mark on the left sleeve? Are you struggling to remember which ex boyfriend you stole it from? That’s it, chuck it.


Oh yes, we’ve saved the best for last. The number one rule here? Keep it simple. As long as you’ve always got a few key styles like Sacha, Ally, Nadine, and Simba, you’ll be alright.


Cut the crap, babe. You’ve only got space for the best.


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