The great toe debate.

Round? Pointy? Or somewhere in between?
Tough, girly, or perhaps a little mean?
It’s hard to know where to squish your delicate little toes – and every time you think you’ve worked it out, someone ups and tells you the wind has changed yet again. So if you’re unsure about what’s in and what’s out, we’re here to tell you that there is a place for round and pointy toes alike this season.
Pay attention. This is the most important thing you’ll read today.
Round toe boots. With a platform. How does one wear these without looking like the long lost sixth Spice Girl? It’s easy – keep everything else chic and feminine. Girly dresses in classic printsh, igh necks, gingham and a babe’n shaggy haircut go perfectly with our favourite bad girl, Nadine.
Round toe heels. Hello, 1954. Yes, it may seem like a step back in time, but you can definitely work these babies to your modern lifestyle. Throw on some not-too-skinny pants, a long trench and our favourite round toe pumps, Louis – the look is classic chic, with a modern twist. Keep these heels for the next 20 years.
Point toe boots. Slick, black and daring. These are some sexy boots right here. So how exactly do you wear them? Keep everything else slick, black and daring. A pencil skirt, a tough leather jacket. A flash of midriff and an unexpected headpiece. You’re a babe who likes to be the centre of attention, and Shelby is here to give it to you.
Point toe heels. Ah, our old faithful. How many times have you bought a pair of point toe black pumps, only to ditch them 12 months later? Babe, stop. Sacha is looking for a long term relationship. She knows there are times you’ll leave her in favour of your of-the-moment crush, like those questionable sparkly shoes you bought last year, and she’s ok with that. She’ll be there waiting for you. You and your leather pants, your skinny jeans, your LBD. She’s a versatile lady and that’s why you love her.


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