The Great Escape – Packing like a pro

You’re staring at your suitcase feeling bewildered. You look around at the place your bedroom floor once was, the place now known as your really big horizontal closet. So many possibilities, so little space in this tiny rectangle box of hell. You curse the person who decided size and weight restrictions for luggage were a good idea.

 Babe, it’s ok. We’ve been there, and we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve packed, unpacked and repacked so that you can jet off on your summer holiday with ease, all you need to do is follow our simple guide to packing like a pro.

 1) The white tee

A wardrobe staple that will see you through practically any occasion. Pair it with jeans and sandals for a casual day time look, or tuck it in to leather shorts and pair with heels as you slink into the evening.

The white tee

2) A silk cami

 Sometimes a white tee just won’t cut it, and a girls gotta get those shoulders out for the world to see in all their sun kissed glory. Choose one with delicate details; thin straps or a lace edges. It works dressed down with jeans or denim shorts, but adds sex appeal to leather shorts when the sun goes down.

A silk cami

3) A chunky knit

Even the warmest climates can throw a curveball, and there’s nothing worse than some unexpected goosebumps to ruin your outfit, and your evening. Cozy up in a chunky knit – perfect for the plane, the hotel room, and evenings when there is a chill in the air.

A chunky knit

4) The black slip dress

Hello, old friend. Thrown over you bikinis at the beach, or dolled up with some heels – this classic is a no brainer. Pull your messy beach hair up into a high bun, slick some colour on to that pout of yours and you’re ready to go.

The little black slip

5) The Perfect Flat

Sightseeing and beach adventures are what this gorgeous sandal was made for.

Serra Tan

6) The nude heel

An easy to wear (and walk in) shoe that goes with everything, especially all the staples you just packed. Go, girl.Golden Stone

7) The sky-scrapers

For the times when extra height is required, we call on Adele.

Adele black

So there it is, everything you could need, all in one neat grid, and in your suitcase.


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