The Golden Globes and Golden Feet

The golden globes can mean a lot of things.

Of course it’s a chance to do some scouting on the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal all dolled up in their finest suit and ties.

It’s an opportunity to once again witness and to bow down to the goddesses that are Tina Fey and Amy Poeher.

And while some see it as a place for brilliance in film and television to be honoured and respected, we know what it really is.

We’re talking of course about the fact that the Golden Globes are just a fantastic opportunity for us mere mortals to watch godly beings frolic gracefully over a long patch of red carpet – that we still dream of one day walking.

Some of us might even have a ‘thank you’ speech ready to go just in case we ever receive an impromptu nomination for that film we haven’t yet been scouted for.

Soon, Meryl, soon.

Until then, let’s heat up some popcorn, pop on our trackies and get comfy on the couch because, babe, we have some genetically blessed screen icons to gawk over – and damn are the Golden Globes gawking material.

So much envy over the dresses, shoes and jewellery which we will probably never have the bank account to support – let alone have the occasion to wear them to – but babes, at the very least we can be inspired by these icons of glamour and put our own spin on things.

And when I say things, I mean shoes.

Karolina Jennifer

First and foremost, we have Jennifer Aniston. This babe has had her share of strutting the red so it’s no surprise she’s aced it again. Classic black with sequin detail, a dash of raunchy leg and some ankle-strap stilettos – like the Karolina in black – reiterate Aniston’s status as a style icon.

Ivanka Sienna

Goddess Sienna Miller struts her stuff in a mix of floral and metallic. Usually we couldn’t write an outfit with ‘floral’ and ‘metallic’ in it and be serious, but in classic Sienna ‘I-can-pull-anything-off’ Miller style, this outfit is the epitome of stunning. To walk like Sienna, try the Ivanka in gold for that metallic touch.

louis luxe lena

Our ‘girl’ Lena Dunham rocks it on the red, in red. That dropped hem is a great way to highlight your legs and – most of all – your shoes. She keeps it classic by pairing her satin number with a gorgeous pair of rouge heels. Take a leaf out of Duham’s book with the Louis Luxe.


Pretty as ever, Lupita Nyong’o opts for a purple and champagne gown. It could be easy to grab a pair of white heels and be done with it, but we’re more stylish than that, babe. Let’s pick a pair of heels in nude, like the Harlow, to really bring out the champagne hues in the dress.


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