Get their Look

When it comes to fashion inspiration, we tend to look to the designers and deciders at the top of the fashion chain. As well as to our friends who we send ridiculous amounts of selfies to, asking whether our outfits are grammable.

But when you think about it, there are so many more sources for outfit inspiration. One in particular we’d like to talk about – television shows. They may be entertainment, but they can be inspirational too.

So next time you’re watching Mad Men, Girls or Pretty Little Liars- avoid Orange is the New Black, unless you’re really into orange jumpsuits- see if Peggy Olson’s 60’s mod dress can inspire tomorrows outfit.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favourite characters who’s outfits have made it from our screens to our wardrobes.


There’s no way we could ignore the fictional fashion icon that is Carrie Bradshaw. She did leave us all wondering how on earth she could afford all those designer clothes writing one column a week, but who cares – she had a great wardrobe. To get her most classic look, find a short tutu, singlet and a contemporary version of those strappy heels like Railee.


Next on our list is Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen. She was the blonde that kept us guessing whether she’d end up with Dan, Aaron, Carter, Nate, Tripp, Colin, Ben, Barry… The list goes on. Just like her list of amazing outfits. A favourite is this mini short and sequin jacket combo, which works well with a pair of gold-detailed heels, like Jess.


Then there was the time that Olivia Palermo played herself on the Hills and wore this black and white outfit. A bit of a Clueless touch to it, except this schoolgirl inspired outfit shows us that it’s okay to wear a shirt and tie outside of class. Try the look with Jackie – she’ll elongate your legs and give you some added height.


We knew Revenge was going to have its fair share of designer looks, but it was Ashley Davenport we couldn’t take our eyes off. She left us not just jealous over her dating record, but her wardrobe too. In this look, Ashley’s softer side comes out with light pink makeup to match the blush hues of her dress. Nude shoes like Karissa will complement nicely.


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