Get Her Look: Blake Lively

You might know her as the flirtatious soccer player from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or from her role as the New York bombshell that had a thing for her step-brother. Or you might know her as the girl that recently had a baby with Ryan Reynolds.

We’re talking about Blake Lively, of course.

The star of the new film, Age of Adaline, has been something of a fashion world darling ever since she first stepped in front of the camera.

How could she not?

For starters, the woman does not know the meaning of a bad hair day. Up, down, straight or curled – she could make a paper bag look red carpet worthy with those golden locks.

Plus, she has one of the most infectious smiles in Hollywood, especially with her beau, Reynolds, by her side.

She has an adorable dog called Penny.

And she has the body of an Amazonian goddess, which she shows off every time she steps out of the limo.

It could be a sequined mini skirt, a figure hugging dress or a voluptuous ball gown; you name it, she rocks it.

This style icon isn’t afraid to show off her curves, which is perhaps our most loved quality in Lively.

And guess what, she styles herself.

Lively, who is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, who sits front row of Fashion Week and hangs out with Karl Lagerfeld, doesn’t have a stylist. Instead, she opens her computer, picks out what she wants and has it delivered, just like a regular person.

With that in mind, let’s look at how Lively does it.

alista snake

Sports luxe seem difficult to dress up, but not for Blake. She balances her look by styling in a feminine shirt and cocktail heels, like Alista in snake, with her gym-inspired pants. Complete the look with smokey eyes and a statement piece of jewellery.

Enita Siren

If there’s one thing Blake loves, it’s sequins. So it’s no surprise that she know how to turn a classic blazer into an embellished dream. Sequin pieces make great statements, but like with any statement pieces, you need to style in some softer items to balance it all out. Stick to one or two colours, keep your hair natural, your makeup subtle, and your heels high, like Enita in suede.

GoGo white

For something more subtle, Blake opts for a black on black ensemble. Remember it’s all in the detail, so treat yourself to a blow wave or pedicure so you can strut yourself in Gogo. Invest in a pencil skirt that has a little detail, like the gold zips on Blake’s skirt. This means you can pair it with a basic t-shirt or jumper but still look ready for a wine or two.

Tara Siren

She once compared dressing herself to “icing and decorating” a cake – which is definitely the vibe we’re getting here. As Lively demonstrates, this colourful look works well when you pick out two or three colours. Pin your hair back to keep the look clean, and finish with a coat of matching nail polish and dramatic heels like Tara.


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