Friday is kinda a big deal

Possibly the greatest day of the week. And while some may argue that, just take a moment to think about it. It’s the day before the weekend, and as far as you’re concerned, you could be on the verge of having the best one of your life.

You’re probably going to have one (or ten) cocktails at some new bar opening, friends in tow, telling you how good you look. And before you know it there’s one (or ten) handsome men lining up to tell you how much of a babe you are using some Shakespearean lingo.

What light through yonder window breaks? Yeah, you, wearing my shirt tomorrow morning whilst I snapchat you on silent to confirm with my friends.

You’re thinking, yeah, I’m going to finally reorganise and cull my wardrobe. I’m going to attend that pottery class too, maybe even take a drive to check out that waterfall I read something about. And I’m definitely going to the gym. Definitely.

Oh Friday, you beautiful thing you. You have so much faith and optimism for the weekend. May you never change and may you never meet the abomination that is Sunday night.

Problem though – if you’re like us, you don’t have time to go home before clocking off and heading out for a well-deserved dinner and bottle of bubbly. Let’s face it; this transition between work and bar can be painstakingly dull as you’re forced to drudge out your night in the same thing you wore all day.

Any level-one store assistant or some day-to-night magazine special will tell you to just throw a belt on and BOOM! – you’re good to go fetch those espresso martinis.

But babe, we know it’s a bit more than that.


Take a spare pair to work with you and change the moment that drinks bell rings. Pick a heel like the Golden, she can easily tie into any daytime outfit so it doesn’t look like you’ve had a separate stylist just for your feet – though imagine…


The Della pumps are an easy Friday night kick-starter. Just pack these bad boys in your bag because there really is no better way to lift one’s mood than by adding a few inches. If you get what we mean.


Any fashionista knows how important a pair of shoes are. Especially rags to riches icon, Cinderella – damn that girl knew the importance of the right shoe to getting a better life. Try replacing your boring work shoes with the Kalie to be just as happy as this babe-of-a-woman here.


You’re finally free from playing ‘work you’, you know, where you have to tone down your outfit in case you offend any conservative bores in the office. Time to pick a pair of pumps, like the lovely leopard Francis, which will get you well and truly into the night.



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