Friday Fashgasm!!

Phew! Another week has flown by, and again time for a Friday Fashgasm!

Today’s look has a slight nautical theme to it, which all began with the pants, a new purchase from Forever New…love the silky texture and the man-style tailoring. Jacket is from Topshop and the floral brooch has been screaming from my wardrobe to be worn for a while now!

Jewels are from Lovisa, a cheap ‘n chic fav of mine, as we all know, you can never have too much bling! And you might be able to catch a glimpse of my Yankee-inspired nail foil. Totes unintentional, but kinda love how it all works in with the look 🙂

The highlight of the outfit, IMO, is of course the killer ‘ANGLE’ heels. These are without a doubt one of my fav shoes of all time! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. If I was to die and come back as a shoe, I would look something like this! Love the bright colours and they are obscenely tall – great for shorties like moi! They are literally cab to kerb heels.


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Amber Renae x







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