Four Seasons in A Day

Last week we talked about all the things we love when Autumn comes around; crunchy leaves, the smell of open fires, wooly winter scarves, thigh high boots, chai lattes, trench coats and – our favourite – bikini-free weather (so you can eat all the cronuts you want).

But whilst autumn means we can finally dust off all our beautiful coats and pack away our swimsuits, it’s also the season infamous for all types of weather in one day.

You wake up to grey skies and rain, endure a lunch time of sweat-inducing sun that burns your retinas, and fight the wind on your way home as your skirt goes up and your scarf flies off.

So instead of enjoying your chai latte, you’re busy taking your jacket off and putting it back on, holding down your skirt, drying your rain soaked hair and airing yourself out because you’ve just been stuck on the most humid train in the world.

But there’s no reason you need to take this four-seasons-in-one-day weather with a heavy heart, because we have one word for you:


The benefits of this practice are widely understood and favoured by fashion lovers around the world.

For one, you can easily change between tropical and sub-Antarctic climates with one adjustment of your outfit.

You can wear items again and again, without anyone calling you an outfit repeater, because each time it’s a totally different look.

And it’s uber fashionable, babe.

atone by siren

Exhibit A.

When the days are windy, pick out a structured shift dress so you don’t run the risk of panty flashing. Next you’ll need a winter coat that doubles as a blanket. It will fall loosely when the sun is out, then you can wrap yourself up when the sun disappears. Keep your feet cosy with Atone in Taupe Nubuck.

bowden by siren

Exhibit B.

If you feel like showing a little leg but don’t want to freeze to death later on, the short skirt and long jacket combo is ideal. Complete with killer boots like Bowden in Tobacco Nubuck. Your legs are a bit better at dealing with the cold so the trick is to keep your chest warm with a jumper. And a coffee, of course.

Exhibit C.

A jumpsuit in a lightweight material is a great wardrobe option on those days when you’re just not sure what’s going to happen. The pants will keep you protected from windy up-skirt scenarios, whilst the sleeveless top will let you enjoy the sun. Calista in Black Suede are perfect to keep your look grown up.

jackie by siren

Exhibit D)

Black jeans are a must have staple for any wardrobe. As is a quality white shirt and black boots – try Jackie in Black Lizard. The three together are a winning combo. If you want to keep warm pop on an oversized jumper, it won’t bunch your shirt but rather provide a soft contrast to the tailored shirt.


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