Forget the LBD, We’re all about Denim

We’re seeing a lot of things making a comeback from the 90’s to enjoy a second wind.

We’re talking chokers, gerberas, round sun-glasses, tee shirts under spaghetti straps, crop tops, scrunchies, denim on denim, tie-dye and mood rings.

If you were born post 90’s, you can consider yourself updated and educated in fashion. It was an amazing time to be a crop top.

It takes 5 minutes of watching Clueless or Never Been Kissed to know what we are on about.

Maybe we didn’t wear these items enough the first time around, which is why they’re making a comeback? We’re not complaining though. We want every outfit Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone rocked back in the day. And it’s seems it’s not just us.

Just ask Iggy Azealea who relived every 90’s girl dream by bringing back Clueless in the clip for Fancy.

Aside from plaid and fluffy pens, one trend we’re seriously loving – and we know you will to – is the return of the denim dress.


 They come in all shapes and cuts- pear shaped, square shaped, pillar or hour glass- meaning there’s a style for all body types. If you’ve gone for the long-sleeved shirt keep your legs bare in something like Katrina. Showing off a little skin like this helps to avoid getting lost in all that fabric. We know you have a gorgeous figure, so don’t cover it all up, babe.


This little number busts that old myth that denim can’t be dressy. Now we’re not saying you can rock up to a cocktail party in your boyfriend jeans, but if you prance through the door in this shapely number, you most certainly won’t be classified as under-dressed. Keep it chic with some red lippy and nails to match, then finish it off with some sky-high heels like Cherry.


Because of the way denim is woven and dyed, it picks up a lot of different hues, which makes it one of the most versatile fabrics in terms of colour and print matching. This off-duty model shows us how, by opting for a cream palette and styling it in with her look. Try a versatile shoe like Deanna to easily interchange colour schemes.

rebel suede

This fair hair maiden clearly debunks the idea that denim dresses are only for gardening days. With the right purse, cute sunnies and a pair of boots like Rebel to match, there’s no reason you should feel anything but stylish and stunning.


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