Feeling Nordic. Clog love.

When you think of all things Nordic, the kinds of images that come to mind are snow-capped mountains, wooden cabins, and woolen jumpers with snowflake patterns. Oh, and of course clunky little clogs.

But all the way over on this side of the world, the word clog comes with an entirely different set of friends. Think summer sun, denim cut offs, floaty skirts, sun hats, prints, and pastels.

But clogs were around last summer, and the summer before… and the one before that. So how do you bring a new feel to an old style? Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you covered.

Our first tip is to add a little height. Clogs are just as comfortable whether they’re high or low, so why not add a few centimeters – or inches – and bring that dated style into the now.

The anti-farm girl

Denim shirts, overalls and clogs go hand in hand, but avoid the farm girl look with a bright red lip, sleek hair, black lace top, and maybe a touch of leopard.

Nordic beauty

Channel the Nordic vibe with beautiful braided hair, though you might like to pair this look with your mans oversized white shirt. This brings the perfect balance of feminine/masculine to your outfit, and gives the old clog a fresh feel.

Hippie love

Summer is all about ease, so pair a tie-die dress with clogs for an effortless look. Same goes for denim cut offs with a tucked in shirt. You can take these looks into the night by adding an oversized clutch and a few key pieces of jewelry.

Make it long

Reinvent the classic clog and maxi skirt combo by pairing them with a crop top. The glimpse of skin is sexy without showing too much. Mix bold colours with pastels and prints to change it up.Clogs-Grid

Just keep it simple, after all, it is summer.


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