Fall in Love with Autumn

We realise some Sirens may be dismayed that long days on the beach covered in sunscreen and margaritas are disappearing.

But we don’t have time to waste feeling sad. We’re Sirens; we embrace every day with the same summery optimism all year round because we know what each day really is, another day to wear shoes.

With the release of our latest AW15 collection, we started getting excited about all the great things that come with autumn. So we thought to share with you – in case you need some cheering up on a not-so-sunny day.

W9 We Love Autumn

1. Espresso Martinis

If you’re upset by the wind and rain, then cosy up inside with your new favourite cocktail: the Espresso Martini. Forget the Cosmo, babe- that was so 2008. Espresso (not eXpresso) Martinis are the perfect pick-me-up after a long week of work or doing nothing.

2. Knitted Jumpers

Whether it was knitted by the hands of your grandma or you just finished paying it back on your credit card, the kitted jumper is a much anticipated staple of the autumn season. So really, you can never have too many.

3. Soup

Time to ditch the summer salad because autumn is all about a steamy bowl of soup. It’s easy to prepare and freeze for later, it’s delicious and healthy, and it’s the ultimate comfort meal on a cold night.

4. Open Fires

Speaking of cold nights, did we mention open fires? If you don’t have one, move to a house that does. The upheaval of your life is totally worth it.

5. Boots

Ditch the sandals, it’s time to cover your tootsies in booties. If you’re a bit short on boots, don’t worry, babe, we’ve got you covered.

6. Scarves

This season, we’re all about the bigger the better. If you can’t find a scarf, just buy a blanket. Same same.

7. Books

When it’s too cold to go out, grab a book and find yourself a cosy spot on the couch next to that open fire place we were talking about earlier. That way, you can keep secretly reading 50 Shades of Grey away from judging eyes.

8. Chai Lattes

A delicious combination of spices, they’re perfect to wind down the day, especially when you’ve probably had too many coffees.

9. Layering

Can’t decide what to put on today? Wear it all.

10. No Bikini

Eat all the carbs.

11. Umbrellas

A perfect addition for any accomplished lady on her daily stroll.

12. Trench Coats

Don’t fret, a few more years of saving and that Burberry trench will be yours. Or you could just win the lottery.

13. The Smell of Rain

Maybe it’s the crunchy leaves, or all the freshly chopped wood, but warm autumn rain smells like no other season.

14. Snuggling

Man or kitten. Both work, just pick the cuter one.


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