Dress Like A Local

We love a bit of travel, especially this time of year when things start to get a bit grey and cold.

Just imagine, exploring the hidden sea caves of Croatia, finding your way through the iconic flower markets of Paris, taste-testing all the wines Florence has to offer, or wandering the streets of New York City as you go from one landmark (or department store) to the next.

Yep, leave your life behind in exchange for something warmer and more exciting.

But before you book your ticket and pack your heels, we need to talk about fashion.

 You’ve heard the saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Well, we have another saying: When in Rome, dress as the Romans do.

When traveling, the last thing you want is to stand out like a soar thumb, or more accurately, stand out like a tourist.

 So we say, dress like a local to live like a local.


In Paris, less is more. Dress on the minimal and practical side, with the aim to look like you didn’t even try. Stick to black, or at least a subdued colour palette of navy, white, beige and grey, whilst leaving your hair unkempt. As for shoes, Parisians love their stilettos, but in a city with cobblestone streets, they love the ankle boot too. Try Bonnie for comfort and height.


Now let’s jet-set to Italy, where the women don’t leave the house until they’re properly made up – even if they’re just heading down the street for milk. Rumor has it that most Italian women are walking in heels the day they’re born, so catch up to their stiletto skills with a pair of Enice. Finish your look with a statement handbag, a pair of sunglasses and some sultry underwear – because when you’re in Italy, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Brits tend to be governed by the weather more so than others, but they’re notorious for their individual sense of style. To blend in, embrace their fearlessness by mixing different prints, patterns and styles. The key is to make sure you never look too polished, so think girly with an edgy touch – a pair of Enlighten will complement nicely.


If you’re headed to Japan, then you’re going to need a touch of Tokyo. Instead of the Harajuku look, take your inspiration from the slightly more serious high street walkers. Their style is a contemporary take on traditional Japanese dress, so look for strong lines, heavy textures and unique tailored pieces – then just wear it all at once. This style can blur the line between womenswear and menswear, so just finish with a pair of modern heels like Jackie.


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