When You Don’t Know What To Wear To Work

Some things are difficult to decide upon; what colour nail polish you should paint, whether your hair should be up or down, and if you should get the regular freddo frog or the caramello koala for your lunch time treat.

Life’s tough and full of hard decisions. We know.

But the question on every girls lips, uttered the world over – heck probably the universe – when they wake up in the morning is, what am I going to wear today?

And ALL before coffee.

It’s a bit too much.

But why not let us take the stress out of this critical aspect of our morning ritual and give you a few options so that you can face your wardrobe with ease.


Look One.

One of our fav’ looks has got to be the shirt-sweater combo. Perfect for when the seasons start to change and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the changing climate. Make sure you pick a light weight jumper so you don’t overheat or look too bulky. Pair it back with some statement heels like Elissa to give it a touch of high fashion flare.


Look Two.

You’ve woken up and realised everything’s either in the wash or lost in this mess you call a bedroom. You’re also running late so there’s really no time to flirt with the mirror and style yourself. This is when you pull out a bright coloured lippy and pucker up – because if there’s one thing lipstick can do, it’s make you look dressed up. Just pop on some killer heels like Harlow and your blouse and trouser combo just got serious.


Look Three.

The two-piece suit has always – and will forever – be a part of the fashion scene. Best to treat yourself and invest in a good quality classic two-piece suit that you can wear time and time again. Rock it with a t-shirt and statement necklace, or opt for the classic open shirt look. A modern heel like Kalie will keep it young and fun.


Look Four.

The slouch trouser and oversize shirt is a classic go-to look. It’s great on those lazy days when you just can’t deal with tight. To keep it looking professional and uber chic, make sure everything is ironed, your cuffs are rolled and your boots, like Narnia, are polished. Keep your jewellery super glam, wear a statement necklace and chunky bracelet to contrast the casualness of the outfit.


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